Friday, December 26, 2008

Dia de los Muertos

My pal turned 30 yesterday.

Dave, bless him, is a crotchety old bastard. He has always seen this particular milestone as an emblem of looming death. To celebrate, some friends and I organised a Mexican Day of the Dead party.
I painted skeleton figurines, and constructed table and hanging decorations. There were also beautiful (and mighty tasty) vegan-friendly cupcakes.

Naturally, I dressed up. I was able to re-use a floral headdress and some embroidered skull earrings that I had made earlier in the year as part of a Cuban zombie costume (note the delightful beaded flesh and guts hanging from the necks).
The masterwork, however, was Senor Dave - a skeleton hand puppet made in Dave's likeness. He went down a treat! I worked on him for several weeks, hand-sewing and appliqueing all the acrylic felt pieces. No glue here, folks!

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Susan hearts bikes. said...

fantastic paula! blogging is a really useful recording tool. great death themed handywork too!