Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"So, what have you been up to lately?"

Guh. For some reason, that question always leaves me stumped. It's not that I don't do much - I'm always working on something! - but rather, I tend to lose track or overlook all that I get up to. My pal Maddy suggested I start a blog, to take stock of all the things that I do but so often seem to forget.

My practice-led PhD centres on commonplace making - fashion design on the margins; non-professional sites of production. Although my undergrad studies saw me trained for design in commercial spheres, my interest keeps leading me toward the fringes of what is popularly understood as fashion. As a hands-on maker, my research is conducted partly through the creation of clothes for myself and those around me. So rather than producing a decisive thematic collection for a commercial application, I make things in dribs and drabs; working with whatever is at hand (primarily through the remaking of second-hand items) for friends and family. While this sort of making is not special to me, it is an area left largely untouched by scholarly inquiry. Which is silly. Really! What else is there to talk about?

I heart makin' stuff.

So then, here it is. I'm going to document all those bits of my research - the things that I write, the things that I make, the things that interest me most - that I often forget to record. Hopefully I'll also form a habit for regular writing, to ease the anxiety that sets in whenever I sit down to compose papers!

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