Friday, December 12, 2008

FIVE images

These are a few of the images that I produced for a publication called FIVE. I shot these from the ground, pointed up toward a pane of glass onto which I had placed cut-outs of paper, transparencies, card and fabric objects. The surface was back-lit by lamps and a flash. I'm pretty happy with how the work developed, and would like to do more of these photo compositions.

I'm not sure how many of the images will appear in the book - i'm hoping that some might be used alongside my written contribution (currently being reviewed by the editorial committee), titled Dressmakers, Designers and Re-made Things.

Below is a description of FIVE's orientation and content:

Five is an upcoming publication in 2009 to celebrate the fashion discipline's 5 year milestone at the Queensland University of Technology. It will represent a body of work by fashion practitioners, academics and educators commissioned to explore their research in fashion theory, practice and pedagogy through five key themes:

mind: a source of knowledge and ideas;

heart: passion and creativity;

hand: an essential tool - crafting fashion

eyes: aesthetics and appreciation

body: the focus and external face of fashion;

This fashion corpus unfolds as a narrative reflecting the process of fashion, drawing on the practice of design - creation and interpretation; revealing how fashion materialises and is shaped to create an interwoven tale of dexterity and creative play.

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