Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Two of my pals have their PhD confirmation seminars this week. I've made a couple of badges to wear to the presentations.

Go get 'em, fellas!


Anonymous said...

I like the warmth of these badges - they look like they are made of felt - and there is someting vaguely quasi military about them - I am thinking boys scoust. But it also reminds me of many years ago when I was at fashion college and I made a funny littel sleevless khaki coat with gold buttons and my friend Brendan made fabric sticched replicas of his dad's war medals to go on the coat - they were some of the nicest things I have ever owned and I wisk I stil had them.

Paula Dunlop said...

Yep, they are made of acrylic felt and embroidery cotton.

I have a huge pile of felt squares, which live permanently on one of my lounge chairs. They are grouped in like-colours; a glorious rainbow stack! I often just sit and look at them.

Ditto my embroidery thread... I love to stand in front of the wall of thread in the craft shop. Everywhere I look, I see a new favourite colour!

clare in paris said...

so cute. and while tim's confirmation was great, I think the finishing touch was the badge: it inspired confidence. nice on paula. nice one tim!

clare x