Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Waistcoat for Mox

I have been making wing-shaped garments for a while now. I love to drape fabric from the shoulder blades, and play with side-to-side silhouettes. The latest manifestation of this approach takes the form of a waistcoat for my pal Michelle.

I took the wing theme one step further this time - I added feathers. The size and shape of these 'feathers' were carried over from some ovoid/lozenge shapes that I have been stenciling as part of recent works on paper.

The main fabric is a lightweight organic cotton. The colourful 'feathers' are a tartan polyester taffeta. I cut the polyester into the small shapes, fraying some of the ends. I then placed a dab of fray-stopper on each - dabs through which I later handstitch the feathers to the body of the garment (resting assured that the feathers would not fray to the point of pulling off). I love fiddly, slow work!

I also made her a hat inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli's 'Mad Caps' of the 1930's. Here you can see what the tartan looked like, before I chopped it into little pieces!

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