Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Tunic for Clare

To make this tunic for Clare, I revisited a dress I had made for an exhibition called How You Make It. The exhibition finished touring last year, and with the garments recently returned to me, I decided to re-work one of the pieces.

To make the original dress, I pulled apart a dressing gown and made facings from a silk chemise. For Clare's version I pulled all the pieces apart again and turned the facings toward the outside. There are roulo ties at the neck and sides, and hooks and eyes at the front.


clare said...

oh it's so beautiful! your work is such a perfect combination of charm and experimentation.

you know what i also love about this one is that you've used gran's beautiful dressing gown to make something that can be taken out into the world. i bet she had a couple excellent nights in this!

I love it. thank you!!! xxx

julie said...

Paula, this is beautiful!!!!!