Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Collar for Hannah

This collar for Hannah is made from a whole bunch o' embroidered skulls.

I made the skulls a few years ago, and attached them to a skirt for a Mexican zombie party. They are made out of one of my grandma's old cross-stitched floral tablecloths. After the party, I unpicked the skirt and used a couple of them for other things, before putting them away in a safe place. Quite typically, I promptly forgot where that safe place was! Luckily, I stumbled over their faux-mouldy-awesomeness again recently (turns out I'd hidden them in a handbag).

To make the collar, I simply hand-stitched the skulls together, before attaching several layers of fusible interfacing to the back. I stitched the interfacing at the edges, to stop any lifting. It joins at the front with hooks and eyes.


Teagan said...

wow this is fantastic! do you do orders? i love wearing quirky things and would absolutely love to have things like this! i try my best at making things myself but im not all to talented in that field! haha. if you do orders and such, please contact me at thatcrazykid22@gmail.com i'd really appreciate it!

Paula Dunlop said...

Yep, custom orders are not a problem. I'll be in touch! :)