Monday, March 1, 2010

A Boa for Marion

I have accumulated a lot of acrylic felt over the years. I keep all my scraps, offcuts and failed experiments in a special red suitcase in my loungeroom. Many of the scraps are quite small, like little scales or feathers. Following this, I decided to make a special boa for my pal Marion.

It has a puppet at each end, for keeping hands warm. They are winged serpents, I think. Their heads are decorated with some beautiful glass beads, gifted to me recently by my friend Carolyn.


julie said...

I love this piece - so cute!

And thanks again for the awesome upcycling workshop on Saturday - I learned a lot!


Paula Dunlop said...

Cheers, Julie! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you around in your neckpiece! :)