Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Apron for Nadia

Nadia suggested that I make her something else as part of this PhD project. Since she is so lovely, I agreed. She gave me a beautiful old dress to re-work, and I made this apron.

The dress had tiny permanent knife pleats on the skirt section, which I kept. I separated the front of the skirt from the back, then joined both at the waistline to make the layered apron front. I shortened the top layer slightly, to show part of the underneath layer.

I removed the back section of the dress and used the fabric to make the apron ties. The front of the dress had a beautiful cowl insert that I didn't want to destroy, so I simply turned under the shoulders to make the halter shape and kept the rest as is.

A Jacket for Ma

I completed this jacket a few months ago, but have been tardy with my blogging! This jacket was once a skirt - another $2 bargain found at the Esk markets. I unpicked it only to the point of separating the satin fabric of the waistband from the sheer outer skirt layer and cotton lining. I kept the broad satin waistband (decorated with lines of top-stitching) largely as it was found, only cutting it into rectangular segments for the jacket's back panel, shoulder straps and binding.

The sheer outer layer of the skirt became the rectangular kimono sleeves and the body of the jacket. I didn't end up using the cotton lining - will save it for another project.

I have been busy organising and running some recent photo shoots, to document the work for examination. I've collaborated with my brother Damian, again, for these portraits - they are an extension of the wearer/maker/wearer work. I hope to have the images up shortly...