Monday, August 27, 2012

Reverse applique jackets

I recently completed these jackets for a pop-up store.  The pattern and shape is similar to the Reds jacket -- shawl collar, roomy raglan sleeves -- but I have embellished the back and shoulders with a deco fan pattern in reverse applique.

Back detail

Both the herringbone outer and jersey lining are 100% organic cotton, sourced from a supplier in the US.  As the reverse applique is entirely hand-stitched it is a little time-consuming to execute, with production taking a number of days.  There are also a few stages of careful washing and trimming (to get the right amount of fray before the cut edges are stitched permanently in place) but the results are impressive and well worth the effort!

Shoulder detail

 These jackets, in size medium, are available now at The Fleet Store.

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